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Importador está buscando vino Ribeiro. Hasta 40.000 botellas. 3.8 euros/ botella.

Treixadura and Godello blend from Ribeiro 2020

Tender No. 163_53

Monopoly:Sweden (Systembolaget)

Assortment:Permanent listing (9 months minimum)

Distribution:215 Systembolaget Stores

Deadline written offer:March 30, 2021

Deadline Samples:April 22, 2021

Launch Date:September 1, 2021


We are looking for a youthful, healthy and fruity wine with hints of pear, peach, lime and fresh herbs.

Product Requirements

Country of Origin:Spain

Type of Product:White wine

Region (Classification):DO Ribeiro

Grapes:A blend with 60 -90 % treixadura and a minimum of 10 % godello. Other grapes can be included but can together not be included with more than 10 % of the blend.


Ex. Cellar Price:2,8 - 3,8 € per 750 ml Glass bottle

Minimum Volume (units):40000 (Volume Unit 750 ml Glass bottle)

Type of Container:Glass bottle

Container Size:750 ml

Sugar level (g/l):Max 5 g/l

Sample Image:Yes

Other Requirements:

1. Only one offer per producer

Read about Concealed Wines Code of conduct & CSR Standard here.

Fecha de publicación 11-03-2021. Ref. 21031142

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